How to Hold Yourself Accountable

Anything is possible to accomplish when you have the right tools.


1. Rally Your Support Staff 

This is BIG. You need a support system. But first, you need to make your friends and family aware of what you are trying to accomplish!  How do you expect to receive any support if you don’t make anyone aware of your goals?  Your friends need to understand why you might be passing on those margaritas and Aunt Sally needs to know why you might be skipping her “world famous” cheesecake.

Not to mention, they will encourage when you’re feeling down and unmotivated. They will remind you why you are embarking on this journey in the first place. You may surprised, they may want to take apart of your fitness goals! Ask someone to go to that spin class with you, or make that recipe you’ve been dying to try for a family dinner.

… and if they don’t respect your goals, don’t be discouraged. Try to find like-minded people to surround yourself with and keep grinding- regardless of what people may think.

2. Hire a coach

You need guidance and most importantly: someone to hold you accountable. Sometimes (or a lot of time, if you’re like myself), you let yourself off too easy. That workout I wanted to get in today? Nah, I’m too tired. They’re serving pizza at work? Hell ya! Although I  preach balance, there are times when you need to check yourself before you wreck everything you’ve been working for. Remind yourself that “YOU HAVE GOALS!” Coaches hold you accountable. Us coaches should be that second voice in your head that makes you question your decisions!

Guidance is key.  Your coach will know your body, where to turn next if you’re not seeing progress, how to steer you in the right direction… but it is YOUR job to put in the work. Your coach will keep you motivated, progressing, and accountable through your journey.

3. Set daily goals

How good does accomplishment feel? DAMN good– regardless of how big or small it may be. You want to feel good about yourself and what you’re doing every step of the way.

Every morning, set a small goal for yourself. What are you going to do today that is going to make you ONE step closer to your BIG goal? Its these small goals that add up and it is these small goals that will make you feel good day-in and day-out.

For example: “Today I am going to drink a glass of water with every meal.”

When you reach this goal, you win. When you keep reaching goals, no matter how big or small, you win.  And if you do this every day, you’ll keep winning. And when you keep winning, well, it feels freaking good.

4. Reward yourself

 Think of it as receiving $5 for doing your chores. You need SOMETHING to keep you grinding. Set up a loop of positive feedback. For example, if you go to the gym 4 times this week, you get to buy yourself a new pair of gym pants! If you eat well this week, you can have pizza on Friday.

It is hard to keep yourself motivated when there is nothing to look forward to. When you set goals and reward yourself, you set checkpoints that keep you motivated without any setbacks. Pretend you are the Energizer Bunny: the rewards are your battery change. And when you have a fresh set of AAA’s, you’ll keep on going…and going…

5. Look back to see how far you’ve come  

Progress is addicting. Be proud of yourself,  be proud of all you have accomplished thus far, and be your own motivation! Look back at where you started and see how far you have come… so why stop now? You have endless potential to become a better version of yourself.  Motivate yourself to be be better than yesterday and do not settle to be “satisfied.”

Want a great coach to help you get started? Look no further! Browse my plans here.

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