Define Success

 the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.
Hung-over, post-New-Year, in-remission, tequila-hating Alexa has been in deep thought this first day of 2018. As we are now in the New Year, thoughts of defeat from 2017 are racing through my mind. “I should of done more.” Why did I get in the way of my own achievements?” “What success have I even accomplished this past year?”
How do we know when we have reached true success? …like, the absolute top.
Is it money? Fame? A house? A family? Who the hell knows. All I know is I’ve been in a bit of a funk. I feel I have been putting in so much work, checked so many things off my list, but still have not come close to “success.” Then again, how am I trying to achieve something that isn’t even defined. How do we cross a finish line when there isn’t even one drawn?
My advice to you: draw a finish line. Define what success means to you and don’t stop until you get there. To your surprise, you may have been chasing something you’ve accomplished the entire time.
True success cannot be rushed or put on a time frame. During this eternal marathon, we need checkpoints, water breaks, bathroom breaks… whatever you want to call them.
Who said success has to be big? Why can’t success be small? Like making your bed in the morning? Getting to work on time? Maybe, everything we do should be considered successful. In reaching that BIG goal, we set small ones: specific, measurable, and realistic goals.
It’s overwhelming looking into a thick fog with absolutely no sight of the other-side. As you check your small goals off your list, that big one seems that much closer.
So, what I have come to realized is, I am damn successful. This past year, I may not have struck riches, was finally able to pay for my wedding, or have gotten to take desired business risks, but I have grown. I may not have reached that “ultimate success,” but I’ve reached success. A lot of small successes or small goals still sound damn good to me. I’ve reached my goals, I grew as a person, I found what makes me, ME… and that sounds pretty successful to me. The thoughts of defeat and regret are staying in 2017. 2018, I’m coming for you.
Happy New Year, everyone!!

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