Online Coaching

1-1 Online Coaching

I offer a few different program options for 1-1 coaching

Why hire a coach? Accountability.

This includes:

    • Free initial consultation to discuss history, goals, etc. and strategize to how we will get you to your goals!
    • COMPLETELY customized training+/nutrition based on YOUR goals
    • Scheduled weekly check ins (bi-weekl, or more if necessary)- adjustments to macronutrients and training according to your progress (progress pictures, measurements, questionnaire responses, weight etc.)
    • Access to my private client portal, where you can see your progress photos, receive messages, and find your plans
    • ASF approved grocery list and guide to download ✓
    • Complementary PDF download: Flexible Dieting and Macronutrient Basics (explains what macronutrients are, why they are important, how to track your macros and more!
    • 24/7 communication via text/email
    • 2 monthly phone calls of in depth discussion. If you are in the area, this included 2 meetings in-person.
    • Constant education on training and nutrition
    • Mental and physical transformation
    • + more

Please fill out this client application to apply for coaching. 

A Note from Alexa:

I look at the relationships with my clients as long-term, as I do not feel there is a short-cut to reaching your goals. I like to work very closely with each and every one of my clients to restore metabolism, help improve digestion, help regulate hormones, efficiently lose fat, find balance, and help find that “balance” or maintainable lifestyle for themselves! 
If you are ready to commit not only to yourself, but to coaching, please fill out the application above. 
After working with Alexa, I’m learning to believe in the beauty and empowerment within ME!” -La Vonda, 28

*Consultation with a physician is advised prior to following a fitness program. If you are an online client or are purchasing a plan, you are responsible for your actions while exercising. You are training at your own risk. When you are working out, you are responsible for any injury or complications that may occur. Please also note that I am not a registered dietitian or nutritionist. All meal programs and nutrition services provided are for guidance and may be implemented at your own risk. It is your choice to follow certain nutrition habits. You are not being prescribed a diet.
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