Jenn, 21

I’ve always had trouble with dieting. I would literally eat healthy for 2 days and then all of a sudden, on the 3rd day I would eat everything I was craving, kinda like binge eating. I tried all these different techniques; intermittent fasting, only eating once a day, but nothing seemed to be working. I am lucky enough to be a coworker of Alexa and found out she was doing diet/exercise plans. I was very interested and decided to give it a try! She sent me my plan and ever since then, I’ve seen myself improving and learning so much. She really made counting my macros and carb cycling so so much easier. I am no longer restricting myself and finding so much more balance in my diet. I’m learning to eat that cookie when I want to but also turn down an ice cream sundae when needed. Her workout plans have my body so sore the next day! A good kind of sore . I’m very glad that I reached out to her for help and I am seeing great results throughout the weeks and excited for what’s to come. Thanks Alexa ❤

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