La Vonda, 28

Most of us sign up for a trainer and it’s all about what we want to “lose.” Lose weight or lose body fat. I don’t think I can ever repay Alexa for all the things she’s helping me gain. I struggle with anxiety and insecurities. After working with Alexa, I’m learning to believe in the beauty and empowerment within ME! Even though I signed up for a trainer; in turn I received a friend and mentor. Heck, sometimes a therapist; she’s a good listener. She is so absolutely empowering! I loved that she was so ready to jump in and she is very catering to my lifestyle (PCOS, being Vegan, and a BUSY mother). My husband is my best friend and is constantly uplifting me. Now, when he compliments me every day, instead of saying, “No I’m not”, or tearing myself down; I can smile, laugh, and accept his compliments. Through her training program, and conversations, I can see the power and beauty within me! How do you thank someone for that!? Thank you Alexa!

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